Monkey by Donna Abela. Directed by Carole Patullo.

Tripitaka the monk, commissioned by Buddha, travels to India to fetch the true scriptures and bring them back as a blessing to the East. Under the watchful eye of the Goddess of Mercy, he is accompanied by Monkey, Pigsy and Sandy, three former monsters who have vowed to protect him. However, the path of perfection is populated with demons who want to eat Tripitaka’s life-giving flesh. Will the disciples defeat the man-eating demons before Tripitaka is turned into Tandoori cutlets? Adapted from the much-loved Chinese classic “Journey to the West” by Wu Ch’êng-ên.

Project Details
Sound composer: Anna Durham
Lighting design: John Collopy
Set and costume design: Carole Patullo
Puppet master: Ian Cuming
Stage combat coach: Joshua Bell
Stage Manager: Jacinta Ellen
Poster illustration: Tarn Johnson
Poster design: Jo Hunt
Photography: Ariel Johnson