Since 2009, Dreamhouse Theatre Company has worked alongside young people, devising new works and showcasing Australian writers, in projects that explore and question contemporary Australian values.

We have presented theatrical works on issues and narratives that are increasingly relevant to the concerns of young people, often inventively told through comedy, drama, and magic realism. Plays are set everywhere from school yards in contemporary Australia, to war-torn countries, from mythical kingdoms to a teenager’s bedroom.

Dreamhouse carefully considers plays to be performed, in collaboration with the ensemble. Powerful storytelling is always at the heart of the chosen work.

Dreamhouse programs always value the voices of young people and looks for opportunities to engage them with local community organisations. In recent times, partners and collaborators have included Mornington Peninsula Shire, Peninsula Writer’s Club, Flinders Arts Show, Spark Youth Dance Company. In this way, the young people involved in Dreamhouse Theatre are also valuable members of the Mornington Peninsula community.

Past Productions.

Workshops & Collaborations list.


Stepping Out – Stories of challenge, change, and possibility – March 2021

Stepping Out - Stories of challenge, change, and possibility. (March 13th and 14th 2021) A continuation of the story sharing event and verbatim performance, that were popular elements in the ‘A Woman’s Place’ mini festival, Stepping Out featured a morning-tea story sharing event on [...Read More]


A Woman’s Place – When The Birds Come In (March 2019).

A collaboration between Mornington Peninsula Shire, Spark Youth Dance Company, Peninsula Writers Club and Dreamhouse Theatre Company for A Woman’s Place 2019. The event was a multi-media promenade theatre experience, including live performance, soundscape, projected image, written text and [...Read More]

“Dreamhouse to me is a family outside of my family, we have inside jokes, different generations and much more. I really love being apart of Dreamhouse because I can perform without the feeling of being judged or embarrassed”.